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Bermuda \\ Where to Stay, Eat & Explore

Earlier this month, I went on a sister trip for my sister Jessica’s 30th birthday celebration! We decided on Bermuda since it was close to us (we’re on the East coast), inexpensive to get to and we could spend that much more time on the beach! I’m happy to report that Bermuda was just as absolutely beautiful as I had heard, and we had the best time exploring this beautiful little British island! We stayed at the Coco Reef Resort, which had a little bit of funkiness to its decor, but had a gorgeous swimmable beach with turquoise water! It was centrally located to the town of Hamilton for good dinner options, and close to a bus stop.

Some tips for visiting Bermuda!

  1. Embrace the local bus system! Bermuda is sort of funny in that tourists actually can’t rent cars. So you learn to use a taxi, rent a moped / scooter or take the cheapest option, the local bus transit. Ask the concierge at your hotel for a bus route map and hop on with the locals! We took the bus to Crystal Caves, the cute little town of St. George, to Hamilton and back to our hotel and it was only $2.50 each way.
  2. Go to the Crystal Caves! An energetic tour guide with a voice just like Morgan Freeman took our group down into the caves, which were absolutely stunning! Totally worth the visit!
  3. Plan wisely – flights were super inexpensive (nonstop on United from Newark) and quick – only a 1 hr 40 min. flight! – but food is very expensive. Plan about $30/person per dinner. 
  4. The island is small and beautiful, and you can get everywhere pretty quickly! Here’s a list of my recommended spots:
    1. Horseshoe Bay
    2. Jobson’s Cove
    3. Crystal Caves
    4. Walk around St. George’s colorful pastel streets
    5. Tobacco Bay
    6. The Town of George’s Unfinished Church
    7. Fort Scaur
    8. Visit Rock Island Coffee in Hamilton
    9. Eat lunch at the Swizzle Inn after visiting the Crystal Caves
  5. That’s all for now!  I hope you enjoyed this little recap of beautiful Bermuda!! xoxo, Lauren

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