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Photographing the Northern Lights in Iceland

This was a major bucket-list moment for us! After 4 trips to Iceland, we FINALLY caught the Northern Lights in late September and it was truly one of the most awe-inspiring moments of our lives! The lights danced in the sky like a mixture of angels and aliens – hah!   We were lucky enough to be staying at a remote cabin in South Iceland, outside of Vik, that allowed us a perfectly unobstructed view of the dancing lights for over an hour. The lights changed dramatically and so much more quickly than what we had imagined! They waved and changed positions within seconds. We ran out to the road in the pitch darkness, using our iphones for flashlights, carrying our tripod and Canon 5D Mark III to capture these! A few tips for seeing the Northern Lights!

1.Visit Iceland or another Northern area like Norway, Alaska or Finland in the autumn to late winter.

2. Stay in a remote location without a lot of noise pollution!

3. Bring a high quality camera and tripod with you! Because of how quickly the lights are moving and how dark it’ll be around you, it would be difficult to capture without a tripod!

4. Use a medium to high ISO  (these were taken around 3200 ISO, 1/10th second, f/3.2) and slow shutter speed to capture the magic!

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